Can I edit or delete the Rainy Day fund?

What is the Rainy Day Fund?

Digit was created with one simple mission, to get folks saving. Lots of people have specific things they're saving for, but studies have found that 61% of Americans are unable to come up with enough funds to cover a $1,000 emergency.

Your Rainy Day Fund within Digit is for exactly that: a rainy day. Digit saves for this fund by default for every Digit user to help you build up an emergency fund or for life's little surprises.

Editing the Rainy Day Fund

At this time, it's not possible to set a goal amount or end date on the Rainy Day Fund or delete it completely, like you would with a savings goal that you set up on your own. 

If you'd rather concentrate on your personal goals, you can pause saving for just the Rainy Day Fund by following the steps here: How do I pause saving for a single goal?

You can also set up a Maximum Daily Save Amount to limit how much is saved towards that fund in a single day.