How can I change my bank account linked to Digit?

Removing the current account

To link to a new bank account, you will first have to remove the one that Digit is currently connected to. 

When the account that Digit saves from changes, we need to return your saved balance to you as a security measure.

If the old account is still open and able to have money sent to it, you can have your savings returned directly. If not, we will need to confirm your mailing address and send you a check for your savings.

 Changing accounts through the Digit app

1) Scroll down to your checking account info, just below where your expense goals are displayed.

2) Tap on your checking account button, and then tap Settings in the upper-righthand corner to bring up a menu.



3) Tap on Change Checking Account to choose how you'd like your balance returned to you.

If the account you first had connected is still open and able to receive the withdrawal of your balance, click Yes. If that account is now closed, choose No to have a check sent to you for your balance.

Afterward, you'll receive an email from Digit confirming that your balance is being returned to you in the way that you chose. This email will also give details on any saves that were still pending when you changed accounts, letting you know when you should expect to also see those returned.


You can add funds back to your Digit account manually after your new account is linked.