Why has my referral bonus not been paid out yet?

Bonus requirements

In order for the referral bonus to be paid out, your friends must:

  • Use your link to sign up for Digit
  • Have a unique bank account linked to their Digit account
  • Have their first automatic savings 

Please note: tapping "Add money" to move funds to Digit is a manual save and will not count towards your bonus.


Why a bonus may not have been paid

If you sent your link to someone but are not seeing your bonus, it may be because:

  • Your friend created a Digit account but did not link a bank account to it 
  • The account has not had an auto-save yet (Digit didn't deem it safe to save based on their checking balance and expenses)
  • The bank account your friend linked has already been used on a previous Digit account
  • Your friend didn't use your link to sign up

Digit Referral Program Terms & Conditions