Why has my referral bonus not been paid out yet?

Bonus requirements

In order for the referral bonus to be paid out, your friend's account must:

  • Have a unique bank account linked to their Digit account
  • Have their first automatic savings 

Please note: tapping "Add money" to move funds to Digit is a manual save and will not count towards your bonus.

Why a bonus may not have been paid

If you sent a link to someone but are not seeing a bonus being paid out to you, it is more than likely because:

  • Your friend created a Digit account but did not link a bank account to save from
  • The account has not had an auto-save yet (Digit didn't deem it safe to save based on their checking balance and expenses)
  • The bank account your friend linked has already been used on a previous Digit account
  • Your friend didn't complete sign-up using your referral link

Digit Referral Program Terms & Conditions

When the bonus is paid

Once your friend signs up using your referral link, Digit will send you two different texts:

  • The first text lets you know your friend created a Digit account using your link.
  • The second text will be sent as soon as their first auto-savings is complete, and will let you know the bonus has been paid to your Rainy Day Fund.

Bonuses from referring friends are paid directly to your Rainy Day Fund, and you can find those bonus amounts reflected on your dashboard under your "Savings Journal".