How often does Digit save for me?

This varies from user to user. Digit takes into account each user's unique financial situation for the day. It learns things like pay days, rent, upcoming bills, spending patterns, and average balance to determine how often to save and how much to safely set aside.

For your Rainy Day Fund, most folks see 2-3 savings transfers per week on average. The savings amounts on average tend to be between $10-30.  Please keep in mind that both the frequency and amounts can vary depending on the day/user and their unique financial situation.  The range is from $0.05 to $150 in the most rare cases.

If you have a Goalmoji set up to save for a Goal or Bill through Digit, the amounts will be more specifically tailored towards helping you reach that amount rather than your Rainy Day Fund.

You can dial in Digit's aggressiveness more to your liking as well by texting "Save More" up to 3 times.

If you've increased Digit's savings by texting "Save More", you can lower it back down by texting "Save Less".

You can text "Savings" to see a complete breakdown of all of your available funds within Digit.  If you're using our App, simply tap a specific fund to see the transaction history for that fund.

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