How do referral bonuses work?

Referring friends to Digit

Referring friends to Digit has its benefits!

When a friend signs up for Digit using your personal referral link and has their first auto-save (see: What is an automatic save?), you'll both be rewarded with a $5 Bonus. Digit will put this bonus directly into your Rainy Day ☔️ balance. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer. 

At times, other referral promotions with different terms may be available to you in the Digit app as well. 

Bonus Requirements

In order for the bonus to be paid out, your friends must:

1) Fully set up a Digit account using your personal link

2) Connect a bank account to their Digit account - this must be a personal checking account that hasn't already been used with another Digit account.

3) Allow Digit to create an automatic save for them

Digit Terms & Conditions


Finding your personal referral link

1) Tap into the Account menu (the person icon in the upper-left)

2) Tap on the Give $5, Get $5 banner at the top

3) Your link is highlighted in blue towards the bottom of the next screen, starting with