Withdrawing money from Digit

How long does it take to get money back into my bank account from Digit?

Digit offers Instant withdrawals back to your bank account for an additional $.99. Instant withdrawals arrive in a matter of minutes. 

Consult the chart below when withdrawing from Digit, closing goals, or closing your Digit account.


  Transfer Created On   Before 4 PM PST Arrives   After 4 PM PST Arrives
  Monday   Tuesday Morning   Wednesday Morning
  Tuesday   Wednesday Morning   Thursday Morning
  Wednesday   Thursday Morning   Friday Morning
  Thursday   Friday Morning   Monday Morning
  Friday   Monday Morning   Tuesday Morning
  Saturday   Tuesday Morning   Tuesday Morning
  Sunday   Tuesday Morning   Tuesday Morning

Estimates are in Pacific Standard Time, and arrival times may be different based on when your bank typically posts deposits.

Banks are closed on federal holidays, so withdrawals created these days are delayed by one day. 


For Chase and Wells Fargo accounts:

  Transfer Created On   Before 4 PM PST Arrives   After 4 PM PST Arrives
  Monday   End of Day Monday (12 AM)   End of Day Tuesday (12 AM)
  Tuesday   End of Day Tuesday (12 AM)   End of Day Wednesday (12 AM)
  Wednesday   End of Day Wednesday (12 AM)   End of Day Thursday (12 AM)
  Thursday   End of Day Thursday (12 AM)   End of Day Friday (12 AM)
  Friday   End of Day Friday (12 AM)   End of Day Monday (12 AM)
  Saturday   End of Day Monday (12 AM)   End of Day Monday (12 AM)
  Sunday   End of Day Monday (12 AM)   End of Day Monday (12 AM)

Withdrawals from expense goals

Since goals connected to billers for payments (like credit cards, student loans, and phone bills) operate on a different system than personal goals and the Rainy Day Fund, withdrawals from your expense goals will not qualify for same-day posting and will arrive in your bank account the next business day.


 Federal Holidays

New Year's Day Labor Day
MLK Jr. Day Indigenous Peoples' Day
Presidents Day Veterans Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving
Independence Day Christmas Day


Digit uses electronic transfers to move money between your Digit account and your checking account. Withdrawals of any available funds made before 4 PM PST typically settle back to your checking account by the end of the next business day and sometimes sooner depending on your bank.  In extremely rare cases, transfers can take up to two business days to completely process.