Messaging the Digit chatbot

Chatting with Digit

Digit originally started off as a chatbot you could use via text, and now you can still chat with the Digit bot within the app. Just click the speech bubble in the upper right corner of the Digit app to issue simple commands. You can also message Digit commands by texting the number we send your checking balance updates to.

Please note that these messages are not monitored by a real person. The number that Digit texts you from is specific to your account and is not a working line that accepts calls. You can reach out to a Digit Support Hero (a real person) here.

Savings Commands

Savings - View a complete breakdown of all your savings within Digit.  This will show your Rainy Day Fund, as well as any goals or bills that you're saving towards.  

Save - Move money into your Rainy Day Fund from your bank account.  You can also say things like "Save 10" to save $10 to your Digit account.  You can text 'Cancel' to change your mind.

Withdraw - Move money back to your bank account from Digit.  You can also include an amount such as "Withdraw 10" to withdraw $10 from your Digit account.  Text 'Cancel' to exit out if you change your mind.

Today - See what Digit's savings activity for the current day is.

Refer - Get the unique referral link that grants you and a friend $5 when they sign up and save with Digit using your link.


Goal Commands

New Goal - Create a new goal to save towards.  Learn more about goals

Change Goal - You can change the amount or completion date of an existing goal.

Cancel Goal - You can cancel an existing goal and automatically transfer any funds saved towards the goal back to your bank account.


Account Commands

Pause - Pause all of Digit's automatic savings. You can also add a number like "Pause 5" to pause saving for 5 days. Digit will notify you the day before savings resume just in case you need to pause again.

Unpause / Resume - If you are paused, this will resume saving for you the next day.

Notifications - Adjust how often Digit texts you checking updates.

Timezone - This will allow you to select your timezone. Digit updates will be sent at 9 am in your local timezone.

Nickname - Change how Digit addresses you.


Checking Account Commands

Checking - View your checking balance.

Recent - View your recent checking transactions. You can also add a number like "Recent 5" for your last 5 checking transactions. 


Miscellaneous Commands:

Commands - Quick reference for common commands.

Help - Access the Digit Help Center and Digit Support contact.

Stop / Start - If you want to stop/start messages from Digit.

Vcard - If you'd like a friendly Digit contact card for your phone's address book.