Adding a joint user to your Digit account

Joint users

Want to share savings updates with a second person? Digit allows you to add a joint user to your account.

Joint users cannot make changes to the account but can move funds to the connected checking account and view savings balances.

Adding a joint user

1) Log in to and then use this link: 

2) Confirm your Digit password


3) After confirming, enter the secondary user's name and mobile number (this must be a number not already used on a Digit account).


4) When done, you should see this confirmation that the user has been added to your account:



Removing a user

1) At, scroll down to the bottom of your dashboard and click Remove additional user.


2) On the next page, confirm you want the joint user removed (click Remove user).


3) Your dashboard will show a confirmation that the additional user has been removed.