Getting Started With Digit

Welcome to the Digit family!

So you've got a shiny new Digit account, that's pretty flippin' sweet!  Digit does most of the heavy lifting and you should see your first automated Digit savings within 2-3 days.  In the meantime, here's a couple simple things you can do right out the gate to get the most out of your Digit account:


Set A Checking Account Minimum:

You can text "Minimum" to Digit to set a threshold where Digit will not try to save for you if your checking balance is below that amount.  Please note, as bank transfers take 1 business day to clear, we usually recommend setting this at least at $200.  Never hurts to give yourself a little buffer room!

Get Your Save On!

With a super easy text, you can manually add any amount, any time.  Ready to get this party started?  Text "Save 5" to add a quick $5 to your Digit account! 

Get Familiar With How To Communicate With Digit:

Check out this article to see all of the commands you can use with Digit!


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Save On!

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