What happens if the checking account I have connected to Digit needs to be closed / has been closed?

If you haven't closed your checking account that is connected to Digit yet, but are planning to:

Please make sure before you fully close out your checking account that you text "Withdraw" to Digit to move any remaining funds back into your checking account.

When you disconnect an account from Digit, any remaining funds are automatically withdrawn back to your originating checking account, so it is important that your checking account is open and able to receive those funds.  Once you are reconnected with your new account, you can text "Save" to push those funds back to Digit if you'd like.


If your checking account is already closed, but you have not yet disconnected it from Digit:

You will need to use this link with your account: https://digit.co/disconnect-checking-account

Under the blue button, click "Checking account closed?"

This will withdraw your remaining Digit funds via check that will be sent to you in the mail.  You will then be disconnected from your old closed account and will be able to connect to your new checking account.


If your checking account is already closed and you have already disconnected this account from Digit:

Upon disconnecting from Digit, your funds are automatically withdrawn back to their originating checking account.  If that account is closed, they will not be able to reconcile and will be returned to us.  This process can take several business days for the funds to clear back to Digit, please contact us at https://digit.co/help for additional assistance in this matter if you are in this situation.

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