What happens if the checking account I have linked to Digit needs to be closed / has been closed?

Removing a closed bank account

If the account Digit has been saving from has closed or you are planning on closing it, you can remove it from your Digit account and receive a check in the mail for your Digit balance here: https://digit.co/disconnect-checking-account/confirm/check 

See also: How can I change my bank account linked to Digit?

Getting your saved money back

Any time a bank account is removed from Digit, your saved balance (including any pending saves) is automatically returned to you. if the account Digit has been saving from is now closed, you can choose to have your balance returned to you through a check. 


When at this page, select "No" to be taken to where you can confirm the address that a check will be sent to. When a request for a check has been successfully submitted, you'll get a confirmation email from Digit letting you know that your check is on the way and to what address.