How much does Digit cost?

How much does Digit cost?

After the end of your 30-day free trial, a Digit membership is $5.00 a month.

The membership cost is billed directly from your linked checking account, and your subscription begins automatically unless you close your account before the end of your free trial period. We'll send you an email reminder before your first charge.

When is my membership fee charged?

Tap on your profile settings in the Digit app to see your next subscription renewal date. You can also see your past receipts by heading here:

What does my membership include?

Automated saving -Digit saves the perfect amount for you when able. The average member saves $2,200 per year.
Retirement and long-term investing - Save and grow your money with personalized ETFs and IRAs.
Unlimited goals - Save for a vacation, an emergency fund, or anything you can think of. Set as many goals as you'd like and Digit will get to work! On average, members are saving towards three different goals at once.
Overdraft Prevention - Digit sends money from your savings back to your bank account if your balance dips below a certain amount.
0.10% Savings Bonus - Every 90-days, Digit automatically rewards you 2x more than most savings accounts with traditional banks.
Unlimited withdrawals - There's no limit to how many times you can pull from Digit, and you can have your funds instantly for .99.
Overdraft reimbursement - The fee is on us if Digit saves too much.
No Account Minimums - You can leave as little or as much as you want in Digit.