How do Savings Bonuses work?

Every 3 months you will receive a Savings Bonus from Digit. Message Digit “Bonus” anytime to find out when your next bonus will be.

Savings Bonuses take into account all money saved in Digit, this includes your Rainy Day balance and any Goalmojis.

The Savings Bonus is based on your average total balance over the previous 3 months. Currently Digit pays a annual 1% Savings bonus. So for example if your average balance was $4,000 over the last 3 months you would get a $10.00 savings bonus: 4,000 x (1%/4)*.

* 1% is the annualized savings bonus, because we pay it every 3 months, the 3 month rate is calculated as 1%/4 = 0.25%.

All Savings Bonuses are subject to Digit Rewards Terms and Conditions.

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