Adding money to your Digit goals

While Digit does its best to save smartly, you can manually add money as often as you'd like to your Digit goals.

How to save manually

1) In the Digit app, tap into the goal you'd like to add money to.


2) Tap the Add Money button at the bottom


3) Use the onscreen numbers to enter how much you want to save, then tap Add to [Goal name]


4) Digit will ask you to confirm that you want to save that amount. Tap Confirm to start the savings transfer and Cancel to go back


5) After you confirm, Digit creates that save for you and the money will move from your bank account the next business day.


Saves cannot be canceled once they are on the way, so be sure you want to save the amount you input. Manual saves can take up to 3 business days before they fully arrive to your Digit account and are available to be moved back to your bank account. During those 3 days, your bank is working with Digit to process and approve the transaction.