Trouble logging in to your Digit account

Signing in to Digit

You can log in and access your Digit account through the Digit app or on our website at 

When logging in, your username will be either your mobile number or email address that you entered when you created your account.


"This email is already in use" / “This mobile number is already in use"

If you see this message when trying to log in, you may have accidentally clicked "Sign up" instead of "Log in."  

If you closed your account within the last 30-days, you can reactivate your account by logging in using your mobile number/email address.


How do I reset my password? 

You can choose to have a code to reset your password sent through either text or email right here. 


What if I need to make a withdrawal and can't log in?

You can still withdraw without logging in to your account by messaging the word Withdraw to the number Digit sends your morning checking balance updates from.
Afterward, reach out to us so we can lend a hand with getting you signed in!


Can I use a Google Voice number with Digit?

You sure can.  Just enter this as your mobile number during signup or at

Please note, you must have a US-based number in order to create a Google Voice number.