What happens after I close my Digit account?

How will I get my money back?

After you close your account with Digit, your saved funds will be automatically returned to your linked bank account electronically the next business day. You can request a check for your savings if your bank account has since closed.

If you have saves that are listed as Pending, those will be returned to you after they post. See: What is a "Pending" save/withdrawal?


Why did Digit save or take the subscription fee after I closed my account?

If you close your account on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you may see Digit taking funds after your account is already closed since banks reflect activity a business day after it happens in Digit. After your account is fully closed, Digit does not create any new saves for you.

Do you keep my information?

Your contact information is still on file for up to 30-days after you've closed your account in case there is any issue returning your funds and we need to get in touch.