What is a "Pending" save/withdrawal?

What does "Pending" mean?

If Digit is reporting that your money into Digit or back to checking is "pending," that is because the funds are in the process of being completely settled with your bank. While pending, your bank is working with Digit to process and approve the transaction. 

While the funds are in the pending state, they cannot be canceled or edited. 

Why can't I withdraw my whole balance? 

When Digit automatically saves or when you manually add money to your Digit goals, funds can take up to 3 business days to fully move from your bank to Digit and cannot be withdrawn until they have posted. 

The goal balance that Digit displays will include both pending and posted saves and Digit will tell you how much of that balance is available to withdraw when choosing Withdraw in the app. 


The available to withdraw amount is the goal's total balance minus the $10 pending save.

Pending withdrawals

When you withdraw money from your Digit balance it will be pending while heading back to your bank account (unless you create an Instant Withdrawal).

Digit will give an estimate on when your money should arrive in your account when you withdraw, but you can also consult this chart to view estimates based on the time of day you created your withdrawal: Moving money back to your bank account from Digit


After your money posts back to your account, the status will change from Pending to Arrived at: [date]