What are goals and how do they work?

How do goals work?

Digit here to help you achieve your savings goals and save intelligently for your monthly bills!

Setting aside for that dream vacation to Cancun 🇲🇽 ? Tickets to Coachella 🎵?  You name it, we'll help you save for it.

Can I combine goals or move funds between them?

At this time it's not possible to combine savings goals or send funds from one goal to another, but this is something we are definitely exploring and hope to have available down the road.

How do I create a new goal?

1) Tap + Savings Goal button. If you don't have any goals presently set up, this will be right under your Rainy Day Fund.


2) Digit will have a few suggestions but you can set up a fully customizable goal by tapping Create a Unique Goal. Choose what's best for you.


3) Choose a name and emoji.
You'll have the choice of setting an end date and amount, but you can also skip adding these two if you'd like to save for something indefinitely.  



4) Once you're ready, tap Save

Your Goal is now set up and Digit will start looking for savings it can safely and intelligently set aside. You can check on the progress bar from your home screen at any time. 

How do I edit a goal?

1) Tap into the goal you'd like to edit

2) Tap Settings 


3) Tap Edit Goal on the menu that slides up


4) Make the changes that you'd like, then tap Save


What can I do with my goal?

 Add or Withdraw Funds
Set up monthly auto withdrawals
Prioritize savings to certain goals
Delete a goal when you're done saving