Can I use Digit without downloading the app?

Using Digit's website

Most of the same features you'd find in Digit's mobile app can also be accessed on the web, so you can still have a handle on your account and move money even if you don't have access to your phone.

Head here to log in and access your dashboard:

Your dashboard

The top of your dashboard will show your recent savings activity and all of your goals.


To see activity for each goal and access goal settings, click on any goal.


Goal settings

Tapping Options on any goal page will allow you to move funds, set limits, and edit specifics for that goal. 


Savings Journal

Your Savings Journal will have a breakdown of all your recent saves in chronological order, along with if they're Pending or Posted.



Account statements

Credit card goal statements

Pause saving

Change checking account

Change Safe Saving Level

Change basic information

Manage Digit account

Add user to your Digit account