Using the Digit app

Recent Activity

When you first open the Digit app, Digit will let you know what it has saved for you since the last time you checked. If it couldn't save, it will let you know why. 


Profile Settings

Tap on the icon in the upper-left corner to see your profile settings.

Here, you can keep track of friends you've referred to Digit, learn a bit more about what Digit does for you, and change your account information.  

See: Using the Digit app: Profile settings 



Your personal goals and balances will be listed under Savings. Tapping into a goal will allow you to see your savings and withdrawal history for that particular goal, as well as other settings you can explore. See: Goals


 You can add as many goals as you'd like - just tap the plus sign at the bottom.


Here's where you can see the account you have linked to Digit to save from, and set up and edit Overdraft Prevention. Tapping that banner will let you see the last balance and transaction information that Digit pulled from your bank. 


You can also tap the Settings button to change the checking account you have connected, as well as set up a Safe Saving Level. See: Safe Saving Level





Earn for sharing and saving! This is where you can see when you'll receive your next Savings Bonus and where you can view all the friends you've referred to Digit using your link.