What is the Boost feature? (prioritizing savings to goals)

What is Boost?

Boost allows you to prioritize without end dates so that more funds are added to them when Digit saves. 

For example, if you had 3 active goals and Digit thought it could safely save $6 that day, each goal would get $2 allocated towards it. But, if you Boosted one of those goals, the two non-boosted goals might get $1.50 each, and the Boosted goal would get $3 added to it.

Setting up Boost

1) Tap into the goal you'd like to Boost


2) In your goal, tap Settings to bring up a menu. Then, choose Boost.




 You'll see a lightening bolt next to all of the goals that you have Boosted.

Disabling Boost

Repeat steps 1 & 2 above, then tap "Turn Boost Off" 

I can't Boost a goal - why?

If you have an end date set on your goal, you won't be able to Boost it, since the rate it's saving is already being controlled by that date. See: Why am I not seeing the Boost option on my goal?