What is Overdraft Prevention?

How Overdraft Prevention works

With Overdraft Prevention, Digit will move money back to your bank account if it goes below a comfortable amount. 

For example, if Overdraft Prevention is set to $100 and Digit notices your checking balance is $80, $20 from your Rainy Day Fund will automatically move from your savings back to checking to get you back up to $100. 

Depending on if your bank supports Instant Withdrawals, money will be moved back to your account within minutes. Otherwise, it will arrive within 3-5 business days. 

If you would instead like Digit to stop saving at a certain balance, you can set up a Safe Saving Level here.

Turning Overdraft Prevention On and Off

By default, Overdraft Prevention is set to On when you first open your Digit account. The amount Digit sets depends on your checking balance at the time you connect.

To turn Overdraft Prevention Off or On:

1) Open the app and tap into "Overdraft Prevention," below your checking info.


2) Switch the slider to On or Off


3) Once Overdraft Prevention is turned on, you'll see an example amount pop up. To adjust, just tap that amount and enter what you're comfortable with and then hit Save.