How do I create goals to save towards my credit card debt?

As of 4/8/2021, adding new credit card goals will not be available. In the meantime, you can create a custom goal instead. Click here to see how. 


You have two easy options for putting your savings towards your credit card debt: automatically have your goal funds sent back to you every month so you can make payments on your own, or set up direct payments with Digit so your saved funds head directly from your goal to your biller.

Setting up a credit card goal

To start chipping away at credit card debt with Digit, tap on Learn More in the Digit app.


Swipe to learn more about how Digit can help you tackle credit card debt, then tap Link Card when you're ready.


After searching for and confirming some details with our banking partner, you'll see how your information will show on your goal. Tap Confirm to move to the next step. 


Here's where you'll decide how you want your goal savings to be used. To set up your goal to send payments directly to your credit card biller each month, tap Continue. Or, to save and have your funds returned to your linked bank account tap I'll pay on my own.



In order for us to be able to send payments for you, our banking partner requires that you pass a quick identity verification check by sharing a few details. After that's complete, your goal will be set up to save and send payments directly to your credit card biller. 


Want to add another card? Just tap Link Card under your first goal to set up additional goals with different credit cards. 


See more of what your goal can do: How can I pay off credit card debt with Digit?