Digit has lost connection with my bank

What's going on?

Digit depends on communicating with your bank daily for balance and transaction info. If there is a disruption with that link, Digit cannot get the info needed to save for you.

If Digit has detected something is off, it'll send you to Digit.co/fix where you can fix things up. Following the flow there should help you get back on track, but if you are hitting any error messages or notice anything off definitely get in touch with us so we can help troubleshoot.

Can I still access my money saved with Digit?

You can still move funds back to your bank account if you need to, even if Digit isn't able to save for you. 

Some tips to help you reconnect:

  • Double-check your online banking log-in requirements with your bank (username, password, pin, etc.)
  • Enter in your information manually rather than using autofill or a password manager
  • Log-in to your online banking account via your bank's website (not mobile app) to make sure your account is set up for use with outside services
  • Double-check to see if the security measures that Digit asks you for are the same as what you have set up with your online banking
  • Do a hard reset by removing your bank account and adding it again. To do that, head here.
    Doing this will send your saved balance back to your bank, but you can return that to Digit once reconnected.