How Digit transfers look in your bank account

" Savings"

 Your automatic savings into your different personal goals. These are taken in one lump sum and then distributed to your individual funds in Digit later. Saves are debited one business day after they are created in Digit. 

" Rainy Day"

If you don't have any personal goals set up and Digit is only saving for your Rainy Day Fund, you'll see Rainy Day in the description for savings debits

" [Goal Name]"

When you create a save to put into your goal yourself, the goal name will appear in the debit description.

" Subscription"

 The subscription is the membership cost for using Digit and is deducted on the same day each month. This isn't a save, and won't appear in your savings balances. 

" Xfer"

If you have goals set up for Digit to make payments towards (like a credit card, student loan, or phone bill), saves to those goals have "xfer" in the debit description and are taken separately from the aggregated debit for your personal goals.

" InstantFee"

The "InstantFee" is the $.99 cost for using the instant withdrawal feature. Withdrawals are free if you choose to withdraw using the standard method.