Digit is telling me an incorrect bank account balance

The balance is being reported the same every day (doesn't change)

 If this is happening, there may be an issue with the link between your checking account and our data provider who helps us communicate with banks. First, Pause saving (so Digit isn't saving off of an incorrect balance), and reach out to us so we can investigate and let them know.

When will I see an updated balance again? 

You should see a corrected balance once our data provider fixes the issue with their connection.

The balance is slow to update (but does update eventually)

The only fix is time. Our data provider reads your bank info and sends it to us at different times, and doesn't update in real-time as your banking app does. Depending on your bank, this could be twice a day, or even every two to three days.

Be sure to set up some of these controls to keep Digit saving comfortably for your unique situation:

Low Balance Protection
Safe Saving Level
Max Daily Save


The balance is for a different bank account (savings or business account - not the one you would like connected to save from)

 Reach out to us, and let us know:

  • The last four numbers of the account that is supposed to be connected
  • Any special names/nicknames that your checking account may have (Bill's checking, Everyday checking, etc.)