I'm not seeing the payment for my Credit Card, Student Loan, or Phone Bill goal

As of 4/8/2021, adding new debt goals will not be available. In the meantime, you can create a custom goal instead. Click here to see how. 


Payment posting timeline

Payments made from your expense goal can take between 3-5 business days to post to your biller, or more in rare cases.

If your payment date falls on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, please note that it may be delayed in posting due to the weekend. 

What payments look like on your statement

Depending on your biller,  payments may not show Digit anywhere in the description when looking at your transfer history - sometimes, these transfers will display as something like "Electronic Payment," or display as a credit to your balance instead of a payment. 

When in doubt, look at your goal activity in Digit and compare payment amounts sent with transactions on your billing statement.



Get in touch with Digit Support

If you don't see the payment Digit sent within 5 business days, please reach out to us with the below info so we can lend a hand:

  • Last four digits of the account number for your credit card, student loan, or phone bill
  • The name of the issuer of your credit card, student loan, or phone bill
  • The remittance address for your biller (please reference a statement for the address where your biller would receive a payment if you were to send them a check in the mail)
  • For Phone Bill goals, let us know if you have a contract or prepaid account, as well as the primary phone number on the account.