Getting started with investments

Setting up your investment account

Tap on Get Started under Investments in the Digit app to begin opening your first investment account with Digit. If you already have a retirement account, tap on Open investment account. 



Please note: investing can only be set up from the Digit app and not the website at this time.


Choose which account you want to set up and tap Learn more for details on the differences between the two. Select Long-term wealth to create an investment portfolio. 



You can pick from some suggested investing goals, or create your own and choose a custom name and emoji. 


Digit will ask about your risk tolerance. Based on your responses to this question, Digit will set up an account with a portfolio matched to your investment objectives.




Then, we'll ask a few questions in order to verify your identity. More details on that can be found here: Identity Verification

How your investing account works

Your investment portfolio is made up of ETFs based on the risk tolerance you chose when getting set up. To see details of your ETF, tap the question mark next to your portfolio description on your investing account home screen. 


When it's safe, Digit will save money into your fund from your linked bank account and invest anything saved in your portfolio several times a week.


Withdrawing from investing

Money saved into your investment fund that hasn't been invested in your portfolio yet can be withdrawn back to checking without any penalties or fees. However, invested funds may be subject to market fluctuations.  

When tapping on Withdraw in your fund, you'll see an explanation of what withdrawing may entail. To continue withdrawing, tap Continue to sell.




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