How can I use Digit to help me take better care of my personal finances in this situation?

Digit is always looking out for you. We’re here to keep your money safe and help you stay in control while safely saving and keeping you informed.

Here are some tips on how you can better use Digit during these times:

  • Adjust how much Digit is saving for you:
    • Change your Digit goals based on your needs at this time.
    • Set or adjust your Safe Saving Level so Digit only saves if your checking balance is above that amount.
    • Double-check your Overdraft Prevention amount so Digit will move money back to your bank if your checking balance goes below the amount you set.
    • If you’re comfortable doing so, you can ramp up the aggression that Digit saves towards certain goals by enabling Boost.
  • Text NOTIFICATIONS to Digit to change the frequency of your checking balance updates so you can stay informed as often as you wish