What does this mean for Digit’s business?

Digit was created specifically to help its members through times of financial uncertainty. We’re here for you on your journey towards financial health now more than ever. While assisting with navigating you through difficult current times, we’re still hard at work building out features for a secure financial future to come.

What happens if Digit closes?

In the unlikely event that Digit stops operating (we do not anticipate this will happen anytime soon), we have always had in place a Business Continuity Plan that ensures all funds you hold in Digit will be returned to you.  The money saved in your goals is held with our FDIC-insured banking partners.

What are you doing to keep everything functional and our money accessible?

 All Digit employees are now fully remote. Extensive planning has gone into ensuring that there is no interruption in your service at all.

I need help. How can I reach someone at Digit?

If you have any questions about your money in this new situation (or anything else really), email us at together@digit.co and we’ll be in touch as quickly as possible.