Using the Digit app: Profile settings

Profile Settings

Access your profile settings by tapping the icon in the upper-left corner.


In your profile, you can see when your Digit account was created, how many goals you're currently saving for, your overall savings balance, and your completed referrals. 


My Bank Account

This is the account that you have connected to Digit to save from. Tapping that banner will let you see the last balance and transaction information that Digit pulled from your bank. 


Tapping the Settings button will bring up a menu where you can change the bank account you have linked or set a Safe Saving Level (see: Safe Saving Level).


Manage Account


My Info - Change your name and contact information
Security - Update your current password

Notifications - Enable/disable and update frequency of push notifications. 
Membership and Billing - See your Digit membership cost and next billing date, access account statements, and close your Digit account. 


Terms of Use and Privacy Policy - Legal disclaimers and detailed information on security practices
Pause Saving - Temporarily hold off on saving for all of your goals