Reconnection message for Chase members

What's going on?

Starting on March 15th, 2021,  we are asking members with Chase to relink their accounts as part of a new security process. This is due to Chase’s new customer management program, and you may see similar prompts to reconnect from other financial apps you use.

Digit may send you texts and emails when it’s time to do that, and you will see a message in your app letting you know your connection needs to be fixed.

If Digit is asking you to reconnect, just head to and re-enter your Chase login information. Relinking your Chase account with Digit is easy and should only take 30-seconds.

How does this affect me?

Until you reconnect:

  • Digit will not be able to save for your goals or any bills you have connected (credit cards, phone, student loans)
  • Our checking balance updates will be inaccurate
  • Digit will not be able to send payments to or read balances for any Chase credit cards linked to goals 
  • You can still move your money back to your checking account at any time
  • You may still be charged the monthly membership fee even if you do not reconnect

What if I’m having trouble reconnecting?

  • Double-check your online banking log-in requirements with Chase (username, password, pin, etc.)
  • Enter in your information manually rather than using autofill or a password manager
  • Log-in to your online banking account via Chase’s website (not mobile app) to make sure your account is set up for use with third-party services
  • Double-check to see if the security requirements that Digit asks you for are the same as what you have set up with your online banking

As always, we’re here to help! Please reach out to for any additional assistance and we’ll help you get reconnected and back to saving.