Retirement account settings and balances


You can view details of your retirement portfolio and balances by tapping the question mark next to your Total retirement funds



Tap Settings at the top to set savings controls for retirement, so Digit is saving for your future just how you'd like. 



Pause Retirement Savings

Pausing will keep Digit from saving towards retirement for up to 60-days while still saving into any of the other personal or expense goals you may have. Resume saving when you're ready by tapping Unpause Now. 




Maximum Daily Save Amount

You can set a limit on the amount that Digit saves towards your retirement account daily by setting a Maximum Daily Save Amount.

Boost Retirement

Digit will prioritize saving towards retirement when you enable Boost.

Manage Account

Here you can view helpful documents, like monthly account statements, tax info, and account number, as well as safely close your retirement account should you need to.