Closing your retirement account

We'd love to continue saving towards the future with you, but know circumstances can change. You can easily close your retirement account at any time.

If you'd like to temporarily stop saving towards retirement, you can pause saving instead. Head here to find out how: Retirement account settings and balances

How to close your retirement account

1. Tap Settings at the top to bring up the settings menu, and select Manage Retirement Account


2. On the next screen, tap Close Account


You'll see a few more screens with important info on what to expect when you close. Digit will also tell you the balances of both your saved and invested funds, and when you should expect to see them back in checking. 

3. If you'd like to help us improve, let us know why you're closing your account. Then tap Close Account to fully close your retirement account.


After you close your retirement account

  • Digit will stop saving for and investing in your IRA or portfolio
  • Anything saved and invested will be moved back to your checking account
  • Invested funds returned to checking may be penalized by the IRS when you file your taxes
  • Digit will send you a separate email with account statements and tax information for your records
  • You will no longer be able to access retirement tax or statement information within the Digit app or website