How is a Digit Retirement account different from my other savings goals?

Personal savings goals

With your personal savings goals, you tell us what you want to save for, the amount you want to save, and your timeline for doing so. Then, Digit intelligently sets aside small amounts to reach your goals on time.

When you’ve reached your goal, your money can be moved back to your linked checking account from Digit to be spent. With these goals, the value of your savings never changes: $1 saved is $1 to spend when you’ve reached your goal.


On the other hand, the money saved into your retirement account is invested on your behalf into a portfolio of ETFs each month. A few days before your savings are invested, Digit will send you a text letting you how much you’ve saved and at that time you can choose to move any amount of that back to your checking account.

If you do nothing, that money will be transferred to your retirement portfolio via a company called “Digit Advisors LLC”.
The value of your portfolio will increase or decrease day-to-day, depending on your portfolio. So, $1 invested doesn’t hold its value like $1 saved, and that’s the point.