Can I lose money with my Digit Retirement account?

There is always the risk of losing money when you invest in the market since you can expect the value of your portfolio to change every day - up or down.

The idea behind retirement is that you’re investing for the long-term, so focusing on short-term swings can cause unneeded stress and rash decisions. Predicting highs and lows, or “timing the market,” is nearly impossible and more often than not leads to worse portfolio performance - even for professionals in the industry.

Instead, history has shown that patience pays off. It’s better to steadily invest in a diversified portfolio over a long period of time. The longer the period, the higher the chance of positive returns.

A Digit retirement account matches you with an age-based retirement portfolio. Digit intelligently determines just the right amount to invest so you can take advantage of long-term growth without having to stress about the day-to-day swings.

In other words, you can relax now so you can relax later.