Connection issues for members using Capital One

What's going on?

Starting on May 18th, 2021,  Capital One is updating its security settings for links with third-party services. 

Because of the change, Digit may be telling you that it lost connection with Capital One, or that we no longer support Capital One. 

What should I do?

To update your connection to Capital One's new security platform:

1) Remove your checking account from Digit:

This will send your saved balance back to your bank account.

2) Reconnect with Capital One by searching for it and entering your online banking credentials:

When your balance posts back to your checking account you can add it back to Digit by manually saving. See: Adding money to your Digit goals


What if I have trouble reconnecting? 

Our support team is here to help! Please get in touch with us with details. The more info the better, such as what error messages you're seeing, what security requirements you have on your bank account, etc.