How can I rollover into/out of my Digit Retirement account?

Rolling over into Digit Retirement

It is not possible to roll over an outside IRA into your Digit Retirement account at this time.

Rolling over out of Digit Retirement

You can typically submit a rollover request to have your investments transferred to your new IRA through an ACAT transfer. However, this is only available for whole ETF shares, and your Digit Roth IRA contains mostly partial shares of ETFs (due to the total balance being lower than the sum of all the whole shares of ETF investments).

Since partial shares cannot be transferred within the ACAT system, this means that a rollover will not actually move any funds. This is a current limitation of the system. You will have to withdraw the remaining balance in your Roth IRA back to your bank account.

You can then deposit the balance from your Digit Roth IRA to a new IRA or retirement plan account within 60 days through a 60-day rollover. Learn more about 60-day rollover here:

Please note that your Digit Retirement account is a Roth IRA, which means that you can withdraw your contributions tax-free. You will only have a tax penalty on the growth of the investments in your account if you do not roll over the balance in your Digit Roth IRA into a new IRA or retirement plan.

For more information and some assistance, please reach out to us!