"Important notice about your closed Digit account"

I received an email with this subject line. Is this email really from Digit?

Yes, that's from us!

If you had a Digit account but closed it in the past, you may receive an email from us on how to receive a check in the mail. To do that, we'll ask you to contact our Support Team to confirm some information. We're sending this out to a number of former Digit members whose accounts were affected by an issue at the time they were closed. 

The details you share with our team are secure and confidential, and any information our Support Team prompts you for is for your protection. Your security is extremely important to us  - no matter if you are a current or former Digit member. 

How do you still have my email address if my account is closed?

We keep your contact info on file in case of situations where we need to get in touch with you for legal reasons, or with transactional information. Your info is only used for those purposes and is not shared with any outside parties without your consent.