"Your Digit account will potentially be closed"

I received an email with this subject line. Is this email really from Digit?

Yes, that's from us!

Why did I receive this, and what should I do?

You received that email after we identified that you hadn't logged in to your Digit account in a while. 

If you'd like to continue saving with us, just sign in to the Digit app using your mobile number/email address and password. For assistance, please reach out to us!

If you do not want to continue using Digit, you can close your account and have your savings returned using the steps here: Closing your Digit account

Or, reach out to our Support team so we can get that closed for you.

We may ask you for some identifying details to verify it's really you contacting us. The details you share with our team are secure and confidential, and any information our Support team prompts you for is for your protection. Your security is extremely important to us  - no matter if you are a current, former, or soon-to-be-former Digit member.